Petra and Marchesa

My last post was about two weddings, and it seems this post may follow a similar trend. I just read in this People article that Petra Nemcova has chosen Marchesa to design her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials to British actor Jamie Belman.

I’m not sure if everyone remembers why Petra made headlines more than six years ago, but she survived the Asian tsunami disaster that struck in December 2004. Aside from holding on to a palm tree for about eight hours and never letting go, she lost her then fiancé, Simon Atlee, in the disaster. He was swept away in the tsunami and his body was found soon after. I came upon an article not too long back and just could not get through it without crying…I’ve been trying to find it but my search has been in vain…as frustrating as that is! It was a really beautiful article…I’ll keep searching and post it on here if I find it! But Petra’s gone through some pretty unimaginable ordeals and I couldn’t be happier that she’s found that happiness again with someone else. As overused as this phrase is, really people, live in each and every moment. Make wise decisions and keep in good company…enjoy the present, don’t dwell too much on the past, and be scared, nervous, and excited for the future. It’s okay!

So, congrats Petra. You’ll be a beautiful bride, and I have no doubt that Simon will be watching over you on that special day.


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